Driving license certificate

If you are applying for a Finnish driving license, you may be required to include a doctor’s statement that assesses your general state of health. Your doctor will assess your general state of health for a driving license certificate. You can schedule an appointment by sending a message to your care team at your local health station through Maisa. In the message, tell us that you need a medical certificate for a driver’s license. You can also call your health station’s telephone service. To get a certificate, send a message via Maisa to the team of your own health station and describe your situation and needs. You can also call the telephone service of your health station. If you are studying towards a profession in logistics, the student health care services of your vocational school or institute will be able to provide you with the driving license certificate.Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear! Please note that public health stations treat patients in order of medical urgency. A driving license certificate is not an urgent issue. E-services

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